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First Contact has never been easy

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Despite the rumors, the US Government has been able to deny First Contact with an alien race for decades, but with good reason: it hasn't happened yet.

When a strange signal comes from an isolated area in the forests outside of Seattle, they find that First Contact is not going to happen with big ships and grand world-wide messages. Aliens, it turns out, like to keep their existence quiet.

Breaking a great number of rules, Seattle's resident alien has come back from a quick trip to his home planet to talk to his human wife. He just happened to land too close to a military base. Now, he will tell her the truth, even if he has to do it behind a glass wall and with the military between them.

The Librarian: A First Contact Story is a contemporary short novel set in Washington State and dealing with first contact with an alien species unlike anything else in modern science fiction.


Readers' Favorite Silver Award 2018

Readers' Favorite
Silver Award for Short Story/Novella, 2018

I thought The Librarian was a fantastic story with a perfect ending. Arzu’s writing is economical – nothing is wasted and the narrative moves along at a brisk pace. Besides being a fine piece of science fiction, The Librarian is also a very sweet love story. There is not much time to develop Nick and Jane’s relationship and yet we learn everything we need to know. Besides not showing up on video, the alien’s voice also doesn’t show up on recording devices, so a young army private is assigned to type all his words. Private Connors is an enjoyable addition to the story.

From start to finish, I loved this book. Recommended for sci-fi fans and romantics alike.

WriteOn Staff Pick, 2015

Staff Pick 2015 Write On: The Librarian A first Contact Story
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