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Underneath - A Merfolk Tale

When an injured merman is found on the beach, the military, media, and merfolk collide to either save himor tear him apart


When an injured merman is found washed up on a beach in Maine, his new doctors are at a loss of how to treat him. Worse, how are they going to keep him from the military's eager hands?

One reporter is hot on the trail of what she believes is an elaborate hoax—or the story of a lifetime. A story that has her tracking elusive clues into an ever-growing labyrinth of secrets surrounding one of the richest families in New York City.

For merfolk have been hiding in plain sight for centuries, and are now torn between sacrificing one of their own—or telling humanity the truth.



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Underneath by M.N. Arzu


by M.N. Arzu

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Best Fantasy Book 2017, Book Viral:

With a dramatic narrative that whips along at a cracking pace, she weaves a plot of enthralling intricacy, her descriptive prowess painting scenes that are both compelling and immersive.

Book Viral Official Review:

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