The Librarian - A First Contact Story

Despite the rumors, the US Government has been able to deny First Contact with an alien race for decades, but with good reason: it hasn't happened yet.

When a strange signal comes from an isolated area in the forests outside of Seattle, they find that First Contact is not going to happen with big ships and grand world-wide messages. Aliens, it turns out, like to keep their existence quiet.

Breaking a great number of rules, Seattle's resident alien has come back from a quick trip to his home planet to tell his human wife the truth about himself. Even if he has to do it behind a glass wall and with the military between them.




Amazon Write on staff pick

Amazon Write on staff pick

Fantastic novel!

"I don't want to spoil anything, but I can say that the tone of the novel, the plot twists, and the themes are all on point. There is a love story hidden between the lines that will drag you in and refuse to let you leave. At the end of the novel, you'll feel hopeful for a possible future of humanity that is brilliant and life-affirming. Once you pick this book up, you won't be able to put it down until you finish, so hopefully there is more to the story coming in a later work."

— Lincoln Cole

Intriguing sci-fi/romance novel

"This story starts out quietly, puts you right in the shoes of the heroine, and when the peace of a summer evening is shattered by a knock at the door, everything snowballs into something she could never have imagined. You know how it's tempting to fantasize about something coming along and sweeping away your everyday life, making everything unpredictable and exciting? Be careful what you wish for..."

— M. Lockhart.