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Extra scenes from Undercurrent - A Merfolk Myth


Find a few more details and scenes from Undercurrent - A Merfolk Myth!


Breakfast: This chapter is set between chapters 2 and 3. Being a family is much more than daily routines.


Assignment: This scene is set at the end of chapter 3. It goes into detail about Alex and the merfolk assignment. It also introduces Gill in a different way, and gives a glimpse of how Scott is not exactly adapting to his life as a Brooks.


Revenge: This scene is set after chapter 8. It happens the day after Scott meets Wallace at the restaurant.


Hangover: This is set on chapter 14, the day after the bar scene. A little Gwen-Jason interaction.


Breaking News: This is set on chapter 23. In an alternative version where Scott and Drake weren’t at Higgs’ apartment yet, this is how Nathan and Higgs found out about Roy Wallace in the news.