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Twice begun

M.N. Arzu

The first time Christopher had called him Dad, it had been awkward on so many levels that they had both blushed and let it go. In time, they had settled with Father for public events and Julian for their everyday routine. But every now and then, he still called him Dad, and Julian couldn't be prouder each and every time.

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Lincoln Cole

The fourth time that month that Julian had been called to the principal's office because Alex had been lost in cyberspace instead of his class, he'd sternly warned his youngest son: if the phone rang one more time for the same reason, he would lose his swimming pool privileges.


M.N. Arzu

When the Music teacher proclaimed him deaf tone and swiftly kicked him out of the band, Alex shrugged and went his merry way. Merfolk had exceptionally good voices, but he was not about to open his mouth and waste his time when he had so much hacking to do.

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