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Author Feature: J.K. Knauss

Lincoln Cole

Today I will be featuring J.K. Knauss and her novel Seven Noble Knights. Medieval times and a few damsels in distress seem to be in order!


Spain, 974. Gonzalo, a brave but hotheaded knight, unwittingly provokes tragedy at his uncle’s wedding to beautiful young noblewoman Lambra: the adored cousin of the bride dead, his teeth scattered across the riverbank. Coveting his family’s wealth and power, Lambra sends Gonzalo’s father into enemy territory to be beheaded, unleashing a revenge that devastates Castile for a generation.

A new hero, Mudarra, rises out of the ashes of Gonzalo’s once great family. Raised as a warrior in the opulence of Muslim Córdoba, Mudarra must make a grueling journey and change his religion, then chooses to take his jeweled sword to the throats of his family’s betrayers. But only when he strays from the path set for him does he find his true purpose in life.

Inspired by a lost medieval epic poem, Seven Noble Knights draws from awe-inspiring history and legend to bring a brutal yet beautiful world to life in a gripping story of family, betrayal, and love.

What I like: Seven Noble Knights covers a period of history I wasn't familiar with, which is always nice. The themes of family, honor, and revenge merge well into this land where two vastly different cultures live. At the end, you're wondering what is truly important: belief, family, love? And what happens when they don't always go in the same direction?

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About the Author

J. K. Knauss writes thrilling historical fiction set in the exotic world of medieval Spain. Seven Noble Knights is her first novel, and a sequel is in the works. Find out about her cantigas stories when you sign up for her newsletter, and see her contemporary works under the name Jessica Knauss at her website: