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Undercurrent - Extra Scene | Revenge

M.N. Arzu

Extra scene: Revenge
This scene is set after Chapter 8, the day after Wallace met with Scott at the restaurant. Trying to find Wallace and justice is all consuming to Scott, and not even Chris seems to be able to break through these thoughts.

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Underground - A Merfolk Secret

M.N. Arzu

The third book in The Under Series is coming soon! Meanwhile, get an insight of what's in store for our Merfolk friends!

underground a merfolk secret

You can't tell what you don't know.

Tensions are growing between the surface merfolk, The City Council, and the increasingly impatient US government.

When Drake goes missing and all evidence points to Major White, trust between both species reaches a breaking point.

After all, everyone has something to hide, and uncovering those secrets might not only save Drake's life, but The City's existence as well.