In a nutshell


I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala in 1982. I fell in love with books at age 9, when my oldest sister translated the The Chronicles of Narnia for me. Those books would set me on a journey of literature and other languages that continues till this day.

I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, and I now feed my creative world with equal measures of fantasy and science fiction, always seeking adventures in other realms.

Beware the plot bunnies.

— For real


Fantasy & Sci-fi influences

The first series that captivated my imagination was The Chronicles of Narnia. The idea of having a secret world — imaginary or otherwise — was so appealing I had to create my own as soon as possible.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and I have gone through the dark realms of Stephen King, to the lighthearted girl power of Sailor Moon.


I've fought monsters on Zelda, and become a Roswell die-hard fan. I've lost my memories with Jason Bourne, and lived a thousand lives alongside vampires, immortals, fairies, and goddesses.

Magic and science blend into the tales I bring to life, and I am constantly striving to capture the essence of the great storytellers from my past.